The Best Phone Systems in NJ


Are you looking for a simple but reliable phone system?

We understand that today many small business owners just want an easy to use, affordable business phone system.  After all, missed calls means lost business.  We have been providing some of the best phone systems in NJ for over 20 years.  Our experience allows us to do things right the first time, every time. 

We are a located in NJ will actually show up on site if you have a problem and not expect you to do the troubleshooting over the phone.  Our technicians are fully trained and certified on the products we sell.  We have factory certifications from Panasonic, Avaya and NEC phone system manufactures.  We offer the best phone systems in NJ that are easy to use and sound crystal clear.  Why not purchase a business phone system today?

Why rent a phone system when you can buy one of the best phone systems?

Hosted or rental phone systems are becoming very popular because of their lower startup cost however in most cases you can buy one of our phone systems for close to what it will cost you to go with a rental phone system.  You will also save a ton in surprise startup costs that often come along with a hosted phone system. VoIP phone systems can often seem less expensive but once you do the math it’s fairly obvious they are not in most cases.

Phone System Type

MRC Per Phone

# of Phones

Total Cost Per Month

Cost 24 months

Cost 60 Months

Hosted/Cloud PBX






Our Phone System









  • Keep your phone numbers and use the same phone lines (Optimum, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast)
  • No contract required
  • Doesn’t negatively impact your data network (No finger pointing)
  • Supports many device types Like Credit Card Terminals, Doorphones and Page Amps
  • Shorter installation time and expense
  • Reuse existing legacy cabling to save money
  • Extremely reliable and typically last over 15 years
  • Higher upfront costs (Unless leasing is used)
  • Requires space and power on-site
  • Limited remote worker ability

A Great Multi-Line Business Phone System

The NEC SL2100 phone system is packed with great features and offer a wide-range of communication tools that increase the productivity throughout your business.  This makes it one of the Best Phone Systems available.

The Best Phone Systems Bundle

Best Phone System in NJ SL2100 12 button

3 Lines and 4 phones only $1,400*

*We are continuously working on improving our website and reserve the right to change specifications, price and availability without prior notice. Packages do not include installation which is available for an additional charge

This is one of the phone systems for a small business.  There are no monthly fees associated with this system and you can keep your existing phone lines regardless of your carrier (VerizonOptimum or Comcast). 

This phone system is perfect for any business needing a reliable, feature rich phone system that just works. The integrated voice mail with auto-attendant makes call routing and message taking a breeze. The built-in music-on-hold, Caller ID support and external paging are just a few of the awesome features.

  • Uses existing phone wiring
  • Easy to use web based user portal
  • Email Notification
  • Use a wide variety of phones including cordless phones

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Great Speakerphone Options

Both these phones feature a large backlit display that shows useful information like how long you have been on a call, who is calling, and provides guidance on setting up and retrieving your voice messages.  They are full-duplex speakerphones so your conference calls don’t sound choppy.  Either 12 or 24 programmable buttons make using the phone very simple as you will have line keys for putting calls on hold and calling other extensions.

12 Button Display Speakerphone

Best Phone System in NJ 12 button

24 Button Display Speakerphone

Best Phone System in NJ 24 button

Choose the Phone that works Best for you

These phone systems are loaded with features

Call Center

Setup call queues for departments

Conference Calling

Create crystal clear multi-party conference calls

Speed Dialing

Just press the button or use the directory

Mobile Workers

Simultaneously ring your cell phone with your desk phone

Door Intercom

Add additional security by adding door intercoms

Automated Attendants

Automatically greet callers and route them anywhere within your company

Call Forward

Setup calls to go to your cell phone or answering service after hours

Music On Hold

Callers on hold will hear announcements or music you choose

External Page

Quickly each employees in a warehouse or outdoor area

Voicemail to Email

Your voicemails can be delivered right to your inbox

The Best Phone Systems solutions for your business

We provide the best multi-line phone systems that are both affordable and easy to use.  Why not buy the best phone system today.