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Our SIP Trunks Can Save Your Business Money

 Using SIP trunks for your can help your business cut telephone expense without losing any of the quality or features your existing phone lines provide. Many of our phone systems can support both SIP Trunks as well as POTS lines. Below are a few keys ways our NJ SIP trunks can save you money on your phone lines:

Reduced Long Distance Charges:  Utilizing our SIP trunks for your business phone lines lets you bypass the sometimes exorbitant rates that major phone companies (Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Optimum) charge while often gaining access to some productivity increasing features. You can often save when making international calls as well. We offer both Unlimited and Metered SIP Trunks because not every business has the same needs.

Eliminate Monthly Charges for Basic Features:  SIP trunking has Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Caller ID as standard features at no extra cost. Caller ID on an analog line from some phone companies costs an additional $7.50 per month per phone line. Call Forwarding is also included on our SIP Trunks and well as many other features.

Give Employees a Direct Dial Number:  Our SIP Trunks allow you to provide key employees or departments with their own phone number allowing callers to reach who they want without having to go through a receptionist or auto-attendant. Employees can have these direct dial calls automatically route to their cell phone when they are out of the office for increased productivity.

Avoid Unused Capacity:  With our SIP trunks you purchase only the capacity you need, rather than bundles of phone lines, many of which go unused when call volume is not at its peak. We can easily add more capacity as your business grows.

Simple Pricing with Unlimited Calling to US & Canada*

4 Lines - Unlimited


Incoming Calls – $0/minute
Outgoing Calls – $0/minute
DID number – Free
Voice Mail – Free

Price is per line per month.  Must purchase a minimum of four trunks.  *Usage and other restrictions apply.

5 - 10 Lines Unlimited


Incoming Calls – $0/minute
Outgoing Calls – $0/minute
Additional DID number – $2
Voice Mail – Free

Price is per line per month.  Must purchase a minimum of five trunks.  *Usage and other restrictions apply.

12 or More Lines Unlimited


Incoming Calls – $0/minute
Outgoing Calls – $0/minute
Additional DID numbers – $2
Voice Mail – Free

Price is per line per month.  Must purchase a minimum of twelve trunks.  *Usage and other restrictions apply.

Additional Features and Benefits

Talk with up to three people at the same time. Add new parties to calls already in progress.

Configure incoming calls to be redirected automatically to any phone number.

Route incoming calls the next line if busy.

Filter out unwanted (SPAM) calls by creating call filters that detect the callers number and route them to a number disconnected message or other destination.

Call Queues allow your callers to hear important message announcements, music or advertisements while they are waiting to speak with someone.

Create auto attendant menus to allow incoming callers to reach their desired person or department via single digit dialing.

Never be out of reach by utilizing our call fail-over options. 

Easily dial other office locations or frequently dialed numbers.

Define how your incoming calls will be routed depending on the time of the day. 

Unlimited Free On Network Calls allows you to call other offices using our SIP Trunks free of charge.

Each direct inward dialing number can have a seperate voice mailbox free of charge.  Group mailboxes can be created to notify multiple employees of messages.

Our SIP Trunking Provides

  • Crystal Clear Audio on your phone lines
  • Over 20 Server Locations to Choose From
  • Support for Legacy Phone Systems
  • Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers
  • Historical Call Reports
  • DID’s Throughout the US and Canada
  • Fast Turn up times
  • Block SPAM Callers
  • Low International Rates

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